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Helpful Articles About Glass Replacement and Repair

How Does the Cold Affect Windshield Replacement?

Cold weather extends the time it takes to repair or replace your windshield. When we’re repairing or replacing your auto glass during the winter, the time the job typically takes is extended. In the cooler temperatures, the resin for your…

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Why Do Windshields Crack?

Windshield repairs can be a hassle, especially if you put off fixing the damage. A windshield crack can get bigger and impossible to repair over time, so it’s best to seek repairs as soon as the damage occurs. Avoiding road…

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3 Ways to Defend Your Windshield Against Summer Heat Damage

1. Understand How Glass Deals With Heat During the winter months, glass contracts or becomes slightly smaller. Under the heat, glass expands or enlarges slightly. If glass heats up or cools down, the glass can shatter from the pressure of…

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Points of Safe Windshield Install

Install Conditions – We install windshields in a controlled environment. Not outdoors. This is important because conditions are optimal to make sure the windshield properly adheres to the vehicle. Drive Away Time – We make sure the correct amount of time is…

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Hail Damaged Windows

Hail-damaged windows can be repaired without full window replacement!  Until recently victims of hail damage had only one option to restore their windows to pre-storm condition.  That included the very costly and invasive project of window replacement. Full Replacement Pit-falls…

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