How Does the Cold Affect Windshield Replacement?

Cold weather extends the time it takes to repair or replace your windshield.

When we’re repairing or replacing your auto glass during the winter, the time the job typically takes is extended. In the cooler temperatures, the resin for your windshield repair or replacement takes longer to cure. This happens for a few reasons.

1- The UV lamp we use to cure the resin may not receive as much power in the cold weather. The lamp we use receives power from the cigarette lighter or power outlet, which receives less power in the cold.

2- When our UV lamp is receiving less power and is already cold, it won’t emit enough UV radiation to cure the resin at a normal rate.

3- And, regardless of the first two reasons, resin will never cure as quickly in Winter weather as it does in warm weather.

By warming up our UV lamp a few minutes prior to curing we can keep the extended time down to just a few extra minutes.

We have to keep the resin warm, which can take some precise action.

During the windshield repair and replacement process, we have to keep the resin warm. We even have to preheat the windshield before adding the resin. Keeping it around 70 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically we will preheat the windshield using your vehicle’s heater. This is a precise process because your windshield can’t get too hot or too cool, so we have to work to maintain a stable temperature on your windshield in the midst of the Winter winds.

We have to remove any moisture in the windshield cracks.

If there is any moisture present in the damaged area, it must be removed. When snow and ice, or even just condensation, get inside a crack or chip in your windshield it can cause big problems. As the temperatures drop, trapped moisture could freeze and expand, putting pressure on your windshield and causing more cracks and damage. So we have to be thorough and ensure the crack we’re repairing is completely free of moisture.

Ultimately, we have to be careful not to add extra stress to the auto glass on your vehicle when we’re repairing or replacing it. And while we are available to come to you for a repair or replacement of your vehicle’s auto glass, it’s best to do the job inside.