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At Dallas Glass and Auto, we always strive to make sure we deliver the best possible service at the most affordable price to our customers. Our glass technicians are always on time and provide a tailored solution to your glass repair needs. We offer our services to auto and residential clients for glass repair and replacement! We only use the highest quality glass material for your repairs and replacements. Rest assured, after being in the business for over 21 years, we know exactly what our customers want!

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Why Choose a Professional Dallas Auto Glass Repair Service?

Glass is an essential component in home fixtures. It enhances the appearance of the home by giving a welcoming gesture to onlookers and guests. Glass comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses. It helps bring positive energy to the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, and den. When it comes to automobile glass, its luster makes the vehicle look new and chic. However, when the glass or mirrors lacks maintenance, it will sustain scratches, bruises, and cracks.

Calling a professional Dallas auto glass repair service should come first to mind before buying a new set of glass for doors and windows. It could be expensive to have a new installation, especially with the material in glassmaking being quite expensive. Their technicians are making waves in Texas because of their expertise and training when it comes to the repair of residential and automobile glasses. There is no need to pout when there are minor glass issues on the windows and doors because their technicians know how to restore their luster and sheen.

Here are the reasons why you should hire the services of Dallas Glass and Auto:

  • They are available for free mobile service based on your schedule and on-call during emergencies.
  • They are quick to deliver their efficient services.
  • They have incredible workmanship and vast experience in all kinds of glass repair.
  • Their technicians are well trained, licensed, and know their customers’ needs.
  • They customize glass installation at reasonable prices.
  • Their services are of high quality and warranted.
  • They offer standard glass materials to suit their customers’ lifestyles.
  • They have the best customer relations in Texas.
  • If you don’t have insurance or have a high deductible they can help you have an easy process at replacing your window.
  • They make their customers feel at home by giving them different payment options.
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Living in Dallas is no longer a problem if the glass windows, automobile glass, and door windows are damaged because customers can entrust Dallas Glass and Auto with the services. The company is known in Texas for maintenance and care employing the best technology in mending broken glasses and mirrors. When it comes to the repair of automotive glass, the company is highly recommended, as they use state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-line resins. There is no need to get insurance to shoulder the repair because the company does not recommend replacements for minor issues in windshields. Since they specialize in auto glass repair, customers are guaranteed quick and long-lasting repair services in less than an hour or so.

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What Are the Services Offered by Dallas Glass and Auto?

Dallas Glass and Auto does not only focus their business on the repair and replacement of automotive glass. They also specialize in residential glass repair. When property managers encounter some issues in their skylight, storm doors, tabletops, cabinet glass, closet doors, shower doors, and sink mirrors among others, Dallas Glass and Auto can fix minor and big glass issues quickly. Glass repair instead of glass replacement is a better option because it helps save the environment. Glass, like plastic, will take millions of years before it totally decomposes. With glass repair, you, an individual, can help save dollars and Mother Earth.

Dallas Glass and Auto is a phone call away! Call us today for more inquires. Also, please check out our Dallas glass blog for the latest tips on your glass repair projects!